Lola Cardigan Top in Forest Green
Lola Cardigan Top
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Lola Cardigan Top in Forest Green

Color Forest Green
Size Free Size
Material Cotton Crochet

Resort Realm's story:

This dreamy collection aims to inspire every woman’s desire through Vibrancy (bold colours), Movement (delicate fabrics) and Sense of Fun (intricate detailings), all that is exclusive to LARNEY. It connects the wearer with their feminine side while allowing the body to enjoy optimistic, exuberant and mood-lifting pieces.

The idea is to include LARNEY’s signature styles such as exquisite pleats and exclusive prints all in one take. Most of all, it’s very modern and signifies the power of luxurious vacation. LARNEY Ladies will be blown away by the collection that comprises exquisite matching sets, romantic dresses and voluminous skirts, amongst others.

Brief description:

We’re particularly excited about this piece for you! Our newly introduced Lola cardigan features a unique detail of its own with its crochet detailing showcasing a different angle towards the elegant image of our #LarneyLadies.


  • Oversized and boxy cut
  • Crop cardigan to accentuate your body
  • Exquisite crochet fabric to add more detail to your looks

Care instructions:

  • Hand wash with a mild and delicate detergent to avoid damaging your fabric.
  • Soak in cool water while washing your crochet item.
  • Soak or gently rub your item in the soapy water but never scrub, twist or wring it.
  • Gently squeeze outt as much water as you can without wringing or twisting.. avoid lifting and letting the item hang, as the weight of the water will stretch it out.
  • Lay your item flat on a dry towel and roll it up, pressing firmly as you roll, so that the towel absorbs most of the water.


Measurement in inches :







Length of Sleeve


Sleeve opening


Length of Top


Lola Cardigan Top in Forest Green
Lola Cardigan Top