Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut

Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut

Color Hazelnut
Size S/M

The collection’s story:

Created from the spirit of Independence Day, The Revived Pleats collection holds a special place in the hearts of our #LARNEYLadies. It embodies the unwavering resilience and strength of women, echoing the struggles overcome to reach the present.

The Revived Pleats is a testament to the unwavering determination that defines the modern woman, a legacy woven into every meticulously crafted piece.

This 2024 iteration elevates the art form with exquisite fabrics, boasting innovative designs that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and an aura of luxury. Select pieces transcend the boundaries of gender, offering a versatile elegance for all. A touch of intrigue gracefully awaits you.

Brief description:

The lean design of the Miss Dandy Pants embodies the elegant figure following the sophisticated lines of its pleats texture and makes an irresistible staple addition to your wardrobe. Having just one colour choice may not just be enough for you!

Outfit details:

  • Fabric : Double sided mesh

  • Long pants

  • Straight cut pants

Care instructions:

  1. Sorting and Pre-Treatment:

  • Separate by Color: Wash lights, darks, and colors separately to prevent bleeding or dye transfer.

  • Soil Level: Heavily soiled items may need pre-treatment with a stain remover or a soak before washing.

  • Fabric Weight: Wash similar weight fabrics together. Heavy items like towels can tangle or damage lighter fabrics.

  1. Washing:

  • Water Temperature: use cold water for delicate fabrics, warm water for most clothes, and hot water only for whites or heavily soiled items 

  • Wash Cycle: Delicate fabrics benefit from a gentle cycle. Heavier items can handle a normal cycle.

  • Detergent: Use a mild detergent suitable for the fabric type. Avoid using too much detergent, which can leave residue and make clothes stiff.

  1. Drying:

  • Air Drying: This is the gentlest option and ideal for most delicates, knits, and anything prone to shrinkage. Hang dry indoors or in well-ventilated shade to prevent sun bleaching.

  • Tumble Drying: Use low heat for most fabrics. Remove clothes promptly to minimise wrinkles. Toss in a wool dryer ball to soften fabrics and reduce drying time.

  • Avoid Direct Heat: Never hang clothes directly over a heater or in strong sunlight.

  1. Ironing:

  • Always check the care label: Some fabrics shouldn't be ironed at all.

  • Use the correct heat setting: Start low and increase gradually if needed.

  • Iron inside out: This protects the outer surface of the fabric from scorching.

  • Use a pressing cloth: A damp cloth placed between the iron and the garment protects delicate fabrics and helps create a crisp finish.

  1. Storage:

  • Clean clothes before storing: This prevents dirt and stains from setting in.

  • Store folded or hung properly: Hanging prevents wrinkles on delicate fabrics. Folding is better for knits and bulkier items.

  • Use breathable storage containers: Avoid plastic if possible, as it can trap moisture and promote mildew. Fabric or mesh bags are good options.

Measurement in inches:
















Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut
Miss Dandy Pants in Hazelnut